Peggy Casper

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dolls have been an important part of my life from childhood. Through doll collecting I have met many people who have become dear friends. I cherish all kinds of dolls made of bisque, china, wax and cloth by many different manufacturers including Jumeau, Bru, Steiner, Huret. My favorites are the smaller dolls because they occupy less space. That way I can have more dolls. The smaller a doll is, the more exquisite the painting in my perspective. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life. Acquiring different types of dolls requires much study which is absolutely necessary if you wish to have a collection which will increase in value. Size is a real consideration, and I have had dolls from under a quarter of an inch to over 40 inches. You soon realize that the smaller dolls occupy less space and are not subject to as much damage. Rarity usually increases the price. In any category of dolls, this remains true. With Terri Lee dolls which were manufactured from 1946 to 1962, the earliest dolls of composition quickly gave way to those of painted plastic such as the doll pictured on this blog site. The old saying about the clothes making the woman is even true with dolls. The jodphur this painted plastic Terri Lee is wearing definitely makes her more desirable.